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Phaedra Frampton

Trust Administration Legal Assistant

Phaedra Frampton is a Trust Administration Legal Assistant at Elder Law Services of California and works
with our clients by preparing documents, working with banks to transfer assets, and notifying the
required agencies of a decedent’s passing.

Phaedra works closely with our Trust Administration attorney and other specialists to make the legal
process of losing a loved one as simple and streamlined as possible. Phaedra understands how difficult
and overwhelming administering a trust can be and her goal is to handle those tedious tasks, so our
clients can focus on what is truly important during that time—family.

“My Story”

Phaedra grew up in Los Angeles, California, and graduated from Hamilton High School, before obtaining
her Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from University of California Santa Cruz. Phaedra is a bright spot in
the Elder Law Services of California office and always brings a smile and friendly word for everyone she
meets. If you are ever in our office, be sure to say hello to Phaedra, she would love to chat with you.

Learn More About Phaedra Frampton

Where were you born/raised? I grew up in Mid City which is located in Los Angeles, California.

Do you prefer cats or dogs? While I like cats and dogs equally, I enjoy having a cat more because they
are more independent than dogs.

What’s is your favorite food? My favorite food is tacos.

What’s your favorite sports team? The Lakers.

What was the last movie you watched? The last movie I watched was The Big Sick and I loved it.

Coffee or tea? I prefer tea.

Favorite Fruit? My favorite fruit is mangoes and my favorite vegetable is corn.

Cake or Pie? I like pies more than cake because of the crust.

What’s a meal you can cook to perfection? I am good at sautéing vegetables.

What are you watching on Netflix? I have been watching Rotten and the new Planet Earth.

Something people might not know about you? I used to ride horses. Two of my previous jobs have
involved horses, including my first job.

Who is the most influential person in your life? My mother.

What are you most proud of? One thing I am very proud of is being the first person in my family to
attend college.