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George Monroy

George Monroy is a Marketing Associate who specializes in social media and online content. George works with our clients by helping to promote our services to a wider audience and spread the word about the importance of Medi-Cal and Estate Planning. If you follow Elder Law Services on social media or use our website, George plays a huge role in writing and producing much of that content.

“My Story”

George was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, but has spent time living in Annapolis, Maryland and Bismarck, North Dakota. George is married, has three beautiful children, and believes his role as a husband and father is the most important thing in his life. George is a movie and comic book nerd, he loves anything with zombies and dragons, and enjoys going for a long run while listening to a podcast or two.  If you are ever in our office, feel to ask him about his kids (he’ll beam with joy), the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or what’s happening the Marvel world—he would love to chat with you.

Learn More About George Monroy

What was your first job? McDonalds when I was 16

What was the last book you read? “A Song of Ice and Fire: a Clash of Kings”

Do you prefer cats or dogs? Dogs (cats are too mean)

What is your favorite food?  Hamburger and fries

Favorite sports teams? Los Angeles Lakers

Special talent? I can build tables (I’m not joking. I actually build tables)

Do you have any hobbies? Poker (I used to work at a casino)

What was the last movie you watched? Captain America: Civil War (I’m a huge Marvel Nerd)

Coffee or tea? Coffee (three cups by 7 am, every morning)

Favorite fruit or veggie?  Watermelon

Cake or pie? Cake (with Oreo frosting)

What’s the one meal you can cook to perfection? Breakfast sandwiches with bacon

Favorite superhero or historical figure? Captain America (I have his shield)

What are you watching on Netflix? House of CardsDaredevilJessica Jones

Something people might not know about you? I’m a comic book nerd and attend Conventions every year

Who is the most influential person in your life? My wife (anything good that I do is because of her)

What are you most proud of? My three beautiful children