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Living Trust Package

If you are interested in the drafting a living trust, at Elder Law Services of California, we offer a comprehensive living trust package that will be tailored and specified to meet your unique situation and needs.

Our package includes:

  • A custom drafted living trust.

  • A “Pour-Over” Will that transfers overlooked property into your living trust.

  • A Durable Power of Attorney for property and health care management in the event of incapacity.

  • A “Quitclaim Deed(s)” to transfer your real property into a trust.

  • Instructional letters as required for “Funding” your trust.

  • Ongoing counseling at no additional charge

When you are ready to begin planning for the future, give us a call at (800) 403-6078 for a FREE consultation with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys. We believe in comprehensive planning today, for peace of mind in the future. We look forward to working with you.


Serving Our Community Since 1995

Elder Law Services of California, APLC provides the same strategic planning and legal representative of larger firms, yet in a personalized, family-like manner. Our priority is to provide the highest level of legal services and client satisfaction when representing your Medi-Cal Planning, Estate Planning, Trust Administration, or Probate cases. Above all, we understand the importance of you and your family’s financial future and legal security.

Our team of Attorneys and legal support staff have assisted thousands of different families by giving them the freedom to plan for the security of their future, while also providing peace of mind with our experienced legal advice. As our name, Elder Law Services of California, APLC serves all families in California, with convenient locations throughout Los Angeles, as well as locations in Northern California, and San Diego.

Whether you need to qualify for Medi-Cal, pay for long-term care, create an estate plan and powers of attorney, proceed a conservatorship, protect your assets, or deal with the loss of a loved one, our team is there for you every step of the way. Sadly, many families are unprepared for any significant planning for their future, so take the first step today to protect your family’s integrity.

Elder Law Services  of California, APLC.
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