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We get Medi-Cal Approvals Fast!

Our experienced legal team will help evaluate each client's unique circumstances to best assist in qualifying for Medi-Cal benefits. Read the following examples of clients we have approved and see for yourself why we have a 99.99% success rate.

Recent Medi-Cal Approvals

October 13, 2016 APPROVED (“Long Term Care”): 80-year-old wife is residing at Huntington Drive Rehab Center. Client’s wife was placed in the facility due to Parkinson’s disease. The couple owns 2 Life Insurance Policies and IRAs valued at $25,000.
Teruyo from Altadena, CA
October 12th, 2016 APPROVED (" Long Term Care"): 76-year-old mother is currently in a Sub-acute facility. Son will like to move mom into a skilled nursing facility. Mom owns a HOME worth $410,000 + 30,000 in SAVINGS + $200,000 IRA.
Andrea from Long Beach, CA
August 20th, 2016 APPROVED (" Community Based") 91 year old mother is currently residing in an assisted living facility with good health. She owns NO HOME + $20,000 in SAVINGS.
Andrea from Long Beach, CA
October 6th, 2016 APPROVED ("Long Term Care"): 84-year-old wife is currently in a hospital receiving acute care. Elderly husband is in better health residing at at home. Couple owns HOME worth $400,000 + $140,000 in SAVINGS.
Barbara from Anaheim, CA
September 30, 2016 APPROVED (“Long Term Care”): 67-year-old friend is residing at Country Villa Wilshire. Client’s friend is recovering from a knee replacement and cannot walk. Client’s friend owns HOME valued at $472,000, $23,000 SAVINGS, IRA worth $90,000.
Christine from Van Nuys, CA
September 28, 2016 APPROVED (“Board and Care Facility”): 71-year-old husband is residing at Mauna Loa Oaks. Client’s husband received inheritance valued at $48,000
Daniel from Pasadena, CA
September 20, 2016 APPROVED (“Community Based”): 94-year-old mother is residing at home. Client’s mother’s health is declining and is receiving In-Home-Supportive-Services. Mother owned a HOME valued at $465,000, NO SAVINGS, and IRA valued at $50,000.
Fumiko from Los Angeles, CA
September 20th, 2016 APPROVED ("Long Term Care"): 79-year-old father currently residing at Fountain View Sub acute. Daughter can not afford daily rates for dad's stay. Father owns HOME worth $349,000 + RENTAL LOT.
Charles from Burbank, CA


Medi-Cal Approval Rate


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BBB Accredited
"I had the most amazing experience with you guys above and beyond services. I have already recommended you to several people and will continue to do so. Thank you all for so much help, you guys are awesome."
- Lance from Pasadena, CA
"Mr. Matsunaga is a very experience attorney, and his staff is very knowledgeable, professional, caring and responsive people. With no hesitation, I recommend any senior or family of senior to let Mr. Matsunaga handle your needs for Medi-Cal benefits."
- Anonymous from Torrance, CA
"Many thanks to you and the rest of the staff, along with Judd, of course. If not for all of your help and guidance, this process may have taken much longer, and may have even been denied. This approval will take so much pressure off of everyone, especially my mother.”"
- Anonymous from Santa Clarita, CA
"I’m very pleased the way your office took charge of the Medi-Cal planning and preparation for my wife. I was told that if any information is needed to have anyone call your office. This took all the pressure off of me. Thank you very much.”"
- Charles from Long Beach, CA
"All of the staff at Elder Law Services made things so much easier for me when becoming a first time trustee after my Aunt had passed away. Very professional but so supportive like family. Thank you so much.”"
- Melanie from Los Angeles, CA
"Staci was punctual, professional and highly efficient. She was also friendly, patient and carefully answered all of our questions. We will recommend Staci to others if we learn they lack living trusts, because we believe they can’t have a better attorney on their side than Staci.”"
- Anonymous from Los Angeles
"Your service provided to get approval from Medi-Cal sufficient, timely, and as represented. The staff was responsive to minor problems that arose and the advice was accurate. I've already recommended you to several people. Thank you."
- Anonymous from Henderson, NV
"Thank you to the staff of Judd's office for making a difficult and emotional situation more manageable. We learned a lot through this process and as hard as things were, it protected the financial integrity of my parents."
- Katja from Hermosa Beach, CA
"Our family is so thankful for the services provided by Elder Law Services of California. They are completely professional, honest, and courteous throughout my mother’s Medi-Cal application from the beginning to the end. They were with us all the way. We can’t thank you enough.”"
Ricardo from Los Angeles, CA


Serving Our Community Since 1995

Elder Law Services of California, APLC provides the same strategic planning and legal representative of larger firms, yet in a personalized, family-like manner. Our priority is to provide the highest level of legal services and client satisfaction when representing your Medi-Cal Planning, Estate Planning, Trust Administration, or Probate cases. Above all, we understand the importance of you and your family’s financial future and legal security.

Our team of Attorneys and legal support staff have assisted thousands of different families by giving them the freedom to plan for the security of their future, while also providing peace of mind with our experienced legal advice. As our name, Elder Law Services of California, APLC serves all families in California, with convenient locations throughout Los Angeles, as well as locations in Northern California, and San Diego.

Whether you need to qualify for Medi-Cal, pay for long-term care, create an estate plan and powers of attorney, proceed a conservatorship, protect your assets, or deal with the loss of a loved one, our team is there for you every step of the way. Sadly, many families are unprepared for any significant planning for their future, so take the first step today to protect your family’s integrity.

Elder Law Services  of California, APLC.
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