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Our experienced legal team will help evaluate each clients unique circumstances to best assist in qualifying for Medi-Cal benifits.

Read the following examples of clients we have approved and see for yourself why we have a 99.9% success rate.

  • July 24, 2014 APPROVED ("Community Based"):

    89 year old dad and 88 year old mom. Dad fell and is now at Country Mannor in SFV. They are under the 90 days for medicare, and they want to transfer Dad to Life House, it is a nicer NH in Santa Clarita. The parents have a mobile home (30K-40K), 90k in savings, and Life Insurance. Mary from Santa Clarita, CA

  • July 21, 2014 APPROVED ("Community Based"):

    83yr old mom is currently residing at Keiro NH. 90 yr old dad is doing ok for his age and is still residing at home. Family applied for MC but were denied. Parents own a HOME worth $2.5 million. James from Los Angeles, CA

  • July 20, 2014 APPROVED ("Long Term Care"):

    86 yrs old dad has dementia, currently at Oxnard Manor. His 100 day coverage ends on 1/30/14 and daughter cannot have him home, she cannot care for him. They own home worth $500K, small savings in Scott Trade worth $140K, no kids, his income is $1800 and her income is $1096. William from Newbury Park, CA

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  • "Judd Matsunaga and staff worked dilligently to make sure my husband would qualify for Medi-Cal and helped alleviate the stress of this process".
    - Anonymous San Diego, CA

  • "Mr. Matsunaga is a very experienced attorney, and his staff is very knowledgeable, professional, caring and responsive people. With no hesitation, I recommend any senior or family of senior to let Mr. Matsunaga handle your needs for Medi-Cal benefits."
    - Anonymous Torrance, CA  

  • "It was a pleasure to have retained Elder Law Services of California. All of the paperwork and communications were done in a timely manner. Thank you."
    - Thomas Los Angeles, CA  

  • "I had the most amazing experience with you guys above and beyond services. I have already recommended you to several people and will continue to do so. Thank you all for so much help, you guys are awesome."
    - Lance Pasadena, CA  
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Full range of estate planning services through the use of Living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Irrevocable Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, and Charitable Gifting Strategies.

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At least 70 percent of people over the age of 65 will require some long-term care.
(US. Department of Health and Human Services, September 2008)

What is the Cost? In 2012, a private room costs an average of $248 daily, or more that $90,500 annually.

A Semi-private room ran about $222 daily or more than $81,000 per year. (2012 survey by MetLife) That is where Elder Law Services of California can help!

The greatest benefit of a living trust is the avoidance of probate. This document is very much like a will in that you instruct how your final affairs are handled and who you want to receive your assets after you die. But unlike a will, a living trust does not go through probate and it gives you, not the courts, control over you assets.

In probate, the process takes between 9 months and 2 years before your heirs can inherit. With a living trust, it is dramatically quicker and only takes weeks, generally. If you own property in other states, a living trust is especially advantageous, because you will avoid multiple probates.

In addition to being very lengthy, probate can be quite costly. Probate administration is often estimated to cost between 3 and 10% of the estate’s value. By creating a living trust and opting out of the probate system, you can avoid expensive court costs and legal fees. Living trusts are easy to set up, maintain, and can be changed or canceled at any time. Also, they are more difficult than a will to contest, because it requires such a person to file a civil lawsuit.

The process begins by hiring a competent attorney who can handle the probate for you. As your probate attorney, we will meet with you personally to determine what needs to be done, efficiently file all court documents, and move the probate process along towards the earliest possible conclusion.